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Insurance Grade Locks: What are they?

There are many reasons why people require the services of a locksmith, one of which is due to the fact that their insurance provider has informed them that their current locks don’t meet their criteria in order to be covered.

There is a minimum standard of lock that insurers require this is to ensure that not only is your property secure but that you have also taken the necessary steps to improve the overall security of your home or business. With this said we will move on to what insurance graded locks actually are.

Door Locks

For most insurers your locks will need to meet or exceed British Standard BS3621. If you are unsure if your external door locks meet this standard then you need to look for the kite mark, on wooden doors this will be found either on the faceplate of the lock or on the front barrel, this depends on whether your lock is a deadlock or a rim deadlock. If you have checked your locks and they don’t meet British Standard BS3621 then it is worth calling out a locksmith to upgrade your locks, not only for insurers but for your own piece of mind that your property is as secure as it can be.

If your doors are uPVC or you have a wooden door that requires the handle to be lifted in order to lock then it is more than likely that your locks will meet the insurers minimum standards, however some locks fitted to these types of door can be vulnerable to a technique used by burglars called lock snapping so it is worth giving a locksmith a call to see if your current locks could be upgraded to more secure anti snap locks to make them more secure for your own peace of mind.

Window Locks

If your windows can be opened from the inside without the use of a key or a specific tool then it is highly likely that you will need to upgrade both your window locks and handles. This can be a relatively simple job however its best to call in a locksmith to ensure the new handles are fitted with secure locks and to check that the size is right for the window that you have.

Insurers are so strict with what locks are acceptable for both your door and windows not only to make it harder for an intruder to get in but also to ensure there is no easy way out of your property. For example, its going to be a lot easier for a burglar to leave your property with a whole load of your personal belongings through a door or large window than it would be through the point of entry such as a smashed window.

The reason that insurers are so strict with the type of locks you have is not only to make sure potential intruders have a difficult time getting into your home but also to make sure that they can’t easily exit your property from the inside. For example, it is far easier to leave with a large amount of goods through a large window or door than it would be from the point of entry, such as a broken window!

With this said another top tip would be to never leave keys in door or window locks or in clear view such as on a key rack or table. Always store them in a safe place so that if you do get broken into the burglar can’t find an easy exit!

If you require your locks upgrading for your windows or doors then contact Acton Locks Locksmith today on – 01978 290521

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