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Security Improvements For Your Front Door

Front Door Security

The whole experience of a break in can be very traumatic and the trauma can last for a long while after the ordeal. This is why our team at Acton Locks Locksmith have put together a helpful guide of what you can do to improve your front door security to help prevent you falling victim to a break in.

Lock Upgrades

Having a good lock on your front door is one of the best security measures you can take to help protect your property from potential thieves. You should check your locks to see if they are old, low quality or vulnerable.

If your lock is damaged or doesn’t meet BS3621 then it is definitely time to upgrade, this will not only improve your front door security but may also reduce your insurance premiums as the new lock will be insurance approved.

There are millions of homes across the UK that still have sub standard lock and if one of these property’s falls victim to a break in then it is likely that the owners will not be able to claim off their insurance as the locks will not conform to their regulations.

Check Thee Strength Of Your Door And Frame

You could have the best possible lock on your door but if your frame is not strong enough the lock is useless. Wooden doors in particular are susceptible to being forced open by a burglar.

You can reinforce your wooden door with a strike plate. This is a metal plate which is attached with long screws and is drilled into the studs. Strike plates are available to buy from most DIY shops, however, if you don’t fell confident installing one yourself you can always give your local locksmith a call.

You should also ensure your door frame is tightly screwed down, as a loose door frame can reduce the security of your front door as it makes it vulnerable to being kicked off the hinge. You can also reinforce your frame by using hinge bolts, these are design specifically to keep a door from being kicked off its hinges.

Install A Deadbolt

A deadbolt can vastly improve your front door security. When installing a deadbolt, it is important to make sure that the bolt extends deep into the door frame as this will stop it being force open. There are a huge range of deadbolts to choose from, all with different levels of protection so it may be worth having a chat with your local locksmith to decide which id best to use on your door to get the maximum security from it.

Additional Security Measures

If you have applied all of the above security measures, there are still things you can do to better improve your front door security. A door chain is a good example. You can have one installed on the inside of your door so that when you are at home you can put the chain on, and it will stop the door from opening past a certain point.

If you would like any more information on the security measures above or would like to upgrade your locks, then contact Acton Locks Locksmith today – 01978 290 521

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