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Summer Home Security Tips!

Summer is a prime time of year for would be burglars, they capitalise on people taking summer holidays and sitting out in their gardens leaving their homes empty. So, Acton Locks have put together some handy tips to help you keep your home safe secure this summer while you can carry on enjoying the warm weather in the UK or abroad.

Top Summer Security Tips

1. Keep Windows & Doors Locked – when you’re not in your property you should make sure all your windows and doors are locked, even if your sat in your garden or just popped out for some milk! If a burglar spots an open window they will more than likely seize the opportunity if they think nobody is in.

2. Never Hide A Spare Key Outside – Unfortunately, in this day and age there is no such thing as a safe place for you to leave your key for a family member or friend to access your property while you are out. Burglars always know exactly where to look and could simply just let themselves in not even rousing any suspicion!

3. Hide Valuables – Any valuables you have should never be left in view of a window, and if you are going to be away from your property for any length of time then you should make sure they are well hidden so if a burglar does break in to your home they will have a hard time finding things to take.

4. Don’t Broadcast On Social Media – If you are going abroad or even out for a meal don’t divulge this information all over social media until after the fact. If a burglar catches wind your property is going to be empty for any length of time, they will see a perfect opportunity to get in and out before you are due home!

5. Hold Post – The Royal Mail offer a service where you can have your mail held for up to three months. This is worth doing if you are going abroad as a build up of letters on your doorstep is a good indicator to a burglar that the property is vacant.

6. Ask Friends And Family – If you are going to be leaving your property vacant for a week or so, you can ask a trusted, friend, family member or neighbor to look in or your house while your away. Things like opening and closing blinds, turning light on and off are good ways to deter a potential burglar as it gives the impression that someone is home.

7. Leave Cars At Home – If you are going abroad it would be advised that you leave a vehicle parked outside your hoes if public transport such as trains and taxis to the airport are and option for you. A parked vehicle outside the house gives the impression that someone is home and can work well at deterring burglars.

8. Mow Your Lawn – This may seem silly however it is a fact that burglars often use the length of your lawn to judge if the property has been left vacant for a while. So if you mow your lawn just before you leave then your garden wont be giving you away.

9. Home Security Systems – Ensure all of your locks are in good working order and meet or exceed BS3621. I f your locks aren’t up to scratch then it would be worth having them upgraded before you leave so you can be safe in the knowledge that your locks are as secure as they can be. You could also take additional security measures such as home alarm systems and CCTV.

If you need to improve your home security then contact Acton Locks Today – 01978 290 521

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