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What To Do If You Have Been Burgled

Returning home to discover you have had a break in is the last ting anyone wants to experience but unfortunately this happens far to regular. However, in this situation it is important to try and stay focused so you can bring order back to your home as soon as possible. Below is a helpful guide put together by our team at Acton Locks to help you know exactly what to do if you become a victim of a break in.

Call The Police – First things first you need to call the police as soon as possible so that the break in is on record. This is also a necessary step for when it comes to making an insurance claim. If you are not in your property when you discover the break in it is best to wait outside for the police rather then entering and potentially destroying evidence. After you have spoken to the police they will provide you with a unique crime reference number, make sure you keep this handy as your insurance provider will need this in order to process a claim.

Don’t Touch Anything – While waiting for the police to arrive try not to touch or move anything so that any potential evidence left behind is preserved. This is important as any evidence found can help police find and prosecute the burglars and possibly even recover stolen items.

Make A List – When the police arrive you can start making a list of and damaged or stolen goods from your property, your insurance company will also need a copy of this. Try and be as detailed as possible such as any distinctive marks or serial numbers along with a rough estimate of the value of the items.

Call The Bank – If you had any credit or debit cards in the property, even if they haven’t been stolen, you should tell the bank to cancel the cards and check the account for suspicious activity as a burglar could have taken down the bank details and left the cards behind which still allows them to make online purchases.

Contact Insurance Provider – Call your insurance company within 24 hour of the break in so your claim can be processed. Provide the unique crime reference number the police gave you as well as you detailed list of stolen and damaged goods.

Secure Your Property – When the police have done what they need to and give you the go ahead you can finally get to trying to straighten things up and tidy any mess. While your getting things back in order it is important to get your property secure again and maybe even improve on it while your at it to help prevent future break ins. Call your local locksmith to come and make necessary burglary repairs and secure your home once again. They should also be able to advise you on any extra measures you can take to help protect your home from future break ins.

If you have been the victim of a break in or would just like to improve your home security to help prevent a break in then contact Acton Locks today – 01978 290 521

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