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When Should Door Locks Be Changed?

Your external doors are your first line of defence against potential intruders, so, it is vital that you make sure that your locks are in good working condition and are as secure as can be! If your lock is showing signs of wear and tear, has been compromised or just needs upgrading then it is important to do so at the earliest convenience. Below Acton locks have put together a helpful guide of signs you should look out for that indicate your locks need changing.

Reasons to Replace Door Locks

Wear and Tear – It’s no secret that the more you use something, over time its condition will determinate, the same goes for your door locks. Frequent use leads to ware on the lock in turn compromising the strength of the lock leaving your home less secure. If you notice rust or obvious signs of damage, then it is definitely time to consider upgrading your locks.

Stolen or Lost Keys -This is by far one of the most common reasons that people require the services of a locksmith. When your keys are lost or stolen then it is not only gaining entry to your property that you need to think about, you should also consider having the locks changed as you never know who might have found your keys, and the last thing you need is a burglar simply gaining entry to your home with your keys.

New Home – When you move into a new property you can not be sure of how many copies of the keys were made or who may still have them! So, it is always best to change the locks so that you can be sure who has access to you new home. The same applies if someone is moving out of your property, be it a lodger or someone that was renting from you. Its better to be safe then sorry.

Break-In – If your home has been broken into then it should be a top priority to get your locks changed as soon as possible. This is so important because if your locks have been damaged during the break-in then your home will be left vulnerable to another. Also, it is a possibility that a spare key has been found and taken by the burglar to use at a later date. So quickly replacing your locks can help prevent future break-ins.

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