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Why You Need Quality Window Locks for Your Home or Business

When people asses the security of their property the main focus tends to be on the doors, people often overlook the importance of checking their window locks. The winter months are the perfect time to take extra diligence when checking the security of your property. With the cover of darkness thieves thrive at this time of year, and if your windows are not secure then you are leaving your property vulnerable.

Saving Money and Reducing Risk

Along side the obvious home security considerations having good locks on your windows can help reduce your insurance premiums. Insurance companies have minimum requirements not only for door locks but for window locks too. So, if the locks on your windows don’t meet your insures minimum standard this could mean your insurance is not valid.

If you find that the windows at your property don’t have adequate security then don’t panic we have put together a guide to help you resolve this problem. The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of windows you have at your property, there’s quite a variety! From there it should be easy to find a suitable lock that meets or exceeds the minimum security required.

Types of Windows and Locks

Sash Windows – Stops are fitted to the upper sash window to prevent them sliding past each other. Sash jammers can also be used to get the same results.

Casement Windows – These windows usually require two locks, one on the small side handle and one on the long handle at the bottom, locks can be fitted to existing handles or you could choose to have new handles with the locks integrated into them.

Fanlight Windows – Swing locks will do a good job at securing these types of window as they provide a means to reach in and unlock a larger window. Mortice window bolts will also work just as well.

UPVC Windows – These should generally come with fitted key operating locks, you just need to keep an eye on the handles and regularly check they are in good working order.

Aside from these suggested locking systems there are other methods of security you can consider such as, window restrictions that prevents the window from opening too wide so a burglar couldn’t gain entry and window bars.

Although window locks may not seem like a priority to you, in the grand scheme of things they can make a huge difference to the overall security of your property. Contact Acton locks today if you are having problems with your window locks or need them upgrading - 01978 290521

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